Giraffe Apocalypse: The Mayans Warned Us!!!!!

Watching Roland Emmerich’s 2012 I caught this:

If they wanted to save humanity, this was the first mistake.

So humanity is on the verge of complete extinction, and they’re bringing EVIL DEADLY CREATURES on board with the last surviving remnants of the human species. Maybe the real catastrophe the Mayans warned about was still to come?

These vile behemoths show up several times throughout the climax of the film, leaving the viewer to wonder whether Roland knows more than he lets on about the ultimate fate of our species:

These beasts wont stay caged for long! Good thing they've got an ark full of food (read: PEOPLE!) to sustain them on their journey.

Notice who's in the cage now? The giraffes look down on their prey. Soon it shall be their time again.


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