Eddie Izzard: The Almost Giraffe Prophet of the Apocalypse

I went to see Eddie Izzard perform at Club Nokia last night and lo and behold, he ended the first half of the set with a bit on our long-necked foes. He kind of misses the point here, by painting the giraffe as a fearful creature instead of the evil hell-spawns they are, but none-the-less, its pretty effing hilarious. Anyway, here’s the best link I could find from YouTube:

This isn’t the first time the evil ones have found their way into Eddie’s material. This first time he ALMOST came to the correct conclusion about their nature, but then laughs it off as preposterous. So close Eddie! So close!:


One Response to “Eddie Izzard: The Almost Giraffe Prophet of the Apocalypse”

  1. The mere fact he is mimicking giraffic actions is a cause for concern. To mimic one, one must study a giraffe, and to study a giraffe, it shall surely lead one into a never ending cycle of madness. For this is the plight of those who fear the longneck, that dastardly creature whose goal it is to destroy our society!

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