Miike Snow: That’s No Ordinary Animal…

Subliminal giraffe-messagry is everywhere. Now its invading the indie-pop scene. Hidden in Swedish Band Miike Snow’s music video for their single ‘Animal’ are  numerous subliminal cuts to our long-necked foes.

Want to know what the extra “i” in Miike Snow stands for? gIraffe. It  stands for gIraffe.

What's most disturbing isn't the fact that there's three of them. It's the leather jackets. Giraffe powers of telekinetic decapitation are known to increase nine-fold when leather jackets are involved.

See the Music Video Here (Warning: contains giraffe imagery. Not for the faint of heart)


One Response to “Miike Snow: That’s No Ordinary Animal…”

  1. I love it! I have this mask. I’m going as Miike Snow as a giraffe for Halloween tonight.

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