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Miike Snow: That’s No Ordinary Animal…

Posted in Giraffes in Music! with tags , , on August 6, 2010 by Killer Giraffe

Subliminal giraffe-messagry is everywhere. Now its invading the indie-pop scene. Hidden in Swedish Band Miike Snow’s music video for their single ‘Animal’ are ┬ánumerous subliminal cuts to our long-necked foes.

Want to know what the extra “i” in Miike Snow stands for? gIraffe. It ┬ástands for gIraffe.

What's most disturbing isn't the fact that there's three of them. It's the leather jackets. Giraffe powers of telekinetic decapitation are known to increase nine-fold when leather jackets are involved.

See the Music Video Here (Warning: contains giraffe imagery. Not for the faint of heart)